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Muscle testing is an easy way to penetrate the mind and give it positive statements to chip away at difficult problems, overcome frustrating problems, strengthen will to attain aims and ambitions, and even improve your appearance with a word insertion statement as set out in the  example ... ...


If you stretch your left arm outwards in front of you at shoulder level palm facing down to ask yourself a question or give yourself a statement, - then press lightly on your extended wrist you will gain a muscle response.  Yes/No/& Don't Know are when your arm remains firmly extended/drops to your side/or moves slowly down to your side.


Note: Rapidly tap the sides of your hands just above where a crease forms when you make fists - if you receive an opposite muscle response to a sensible statement.  This clears your energies.


even facial proportions    'even-handedly vanity effects a natural facial appeal countering the inappropriate, amending latent perfection to re-assert it and overall perform outward reproportioning, totally improving one's natural self-improvement'





Clarity & Ablemindedness outlines this versatile therapy fully and it becomes a panacea for all kinds of needs whether physical, mental or emotional. 


Clarity  40


Clarity can identify ageing days, assert latent beauty, discover the source of any lack of self esteem, stimulate your metabolism, plan a control over addiction to conquer it [emotions of disquiet, forebodings and pessimism have instigated the addiction and control the addiction], instruct paralysed muscles [family intuition is best for examining source or sources], improve thinking ability [A is for Anger guards B is for Body; C is for Caution guards D is for Dare; E is for Enough guards F is for Future; G guards]. And more. 


Clarity & Ablemindedness  75


Able-mindedness can assist depression, speech impediments, learning, self expression, romance, equality, male and female development 1yr to 17yrs, reason and rearrangement. [Can women always reason when required - women do have reason but men cannot expect them to reason when required.  Able-mindedness as women is not always an expression of reason but is still an able-minded expression of it rearranged.]  Able-mindedness as men knows that no women grow a breast only men a breastplate, women grow milk-fat.  Men have no female hormones only interpretive hormones to translate women and the reason for them cannot be seen under a microscope.   Plus more. 



One Touch X 8


Components of the body and how to think.



60 States of Mind  12


daft - will work a thing out in such a way as it cannot work based upon the worry of getting it right and that being wrong.


The word and ability reason has an acceptance of intelligent and intellectual thought.  In an ideal world we would not need to express a lifetime of intelligence or an intellectual one, as reason itself has no reason to be assisted by either.  Machinery, design, defence, education, and so on has made intelligence and intellect necessary.  When the abc of emotions are made less than they should be they fail, and life having no other recourse if the emotion is barely recognised is driven to enter a state of mind.  States of mind do not govern their biology or mental faculties as well as reason.


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Jean M. Williams  S.N.H.S.  Dip.   (Kinesiology) 



ALPHAOMEGAABC has outlined an ideal alternative remedy compatible with all existing health services and medication.  It cannot however be held responsible for any error of judgement made by any one or number of people. 


If the apocalypse turns up sort out a cultured life-style for 500 people and apply the same principle to the rest of them.
























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