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In man and woman order they are more subtle than realized and there are 23 of them, - dark orange and pale orange; pale orange and light orange; dark green and pale green; dark brown and pale brown; tan and cream; pale red and light red; pale blue and light blue; black and light black; yellow and pink; dark black and white; dark red and dark blue; cerise and turquoise.


It is very healthy to identify your aura and will give you strength when you need it like nothing else can. 




For Sale


All therapies for sale are an idea to get used to wanting to improve our metabolizing ability.  An example of a 'word insertion statement'  is will   w i l l   'Will is life long.'  Linking the alphabet to muscle testing is beyond compare when instructing components of the body.


Digestive System  20                                                                


An overhaul of the digestive system having attention to physical,  mental and emotional facets.                                            



Muscles  15


A therapy that simply overhauls the muscular system of the body.



Nerves  16


An overhaul of nerves plus information of their characters.



Offset Ageing  25


An assortment of mental exercises, - memories, disappointments, identifying foods that do not age us, subtle senses, rejuvenating metabolism.



Overall Body  14


8-week therapy that overhauls 40 components having information about their characteristics.  Simple statements.



Rejuvenation  26


Separating alphabet lines of key words for problems, how to be informed of your strengths and weaknesses.



Sleep and Senses  2.50


Upon waking, keeping a journal on areas to check up on i.e. speech.



Hair and Heart  300


Attention to the heart and its problems in life, as it can be strained by hair loss as if a grief to it the therapy for growth of new hair is an extensive inclusion of word insertion statements.



Content X Therapy  45


An idea to want to get used to improving our metabolizing ability; the Triple Warmer is Chinese description of a metabolism rather than any particular organ, it is a system which coordinates and controls the body's heat/moisture balance and has "... a name, but no form ...".



Physical Body  900


8-week comprehensive therapy that overhauls 40 components.  Natural biofeedback about their character traits plus some miscellaneous information; word insertion statements and positive statements; a lot of sensory biofeedback plus information about the spirit and soul.  An absolute understanding of the physical form.


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Jean M. Williams  S.N.H.S.  Dip.   (Kinesiology) 




ABC and muscle testing is a pick-me-up, a tonic, an examination, an analysis and a therapy.  It is an alternative healing muscle biofeedback application.

























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