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Flex the Mind and gain Natural Biofeedback about Anything


a and b for animals and beasts / c and d for creatures and dinosaurs / e and f for evolution and future / g and h for gravity and humour / i and j and k for indians and jacks and kings / l and m and n for lions and majesty and nobles / o and p and q for outdistance and places and quests / r and s and t for realms and shelters and terrains / u and v and w for unexampled and victorious and wise / xyz can be x for signature and y for yen and z for zenith


After alpha-play think about 'it' mindfully with only a couple of summary words to allow natural biofeedback to come to you - it is beyond ordinary thought.   Jot it down, it's from your deeper mind and will be difficult to remember it all until you get used to it.




Any therapy can be a self consultation or even a group consultation with friends, - gaining natural biofeedback in paragraphs about any focus after an alpha-play list a to z can be a helpful guide in any area in life, and aims and ambitions as well as problems can benefit from this application.


Natural biofeedback informs us that we can metabolize nowadays when we could not before, because there is a hole in the ozone layer affecting planetary forces that in turn now affect matter.




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The Romantic and Sexual Nature of Manfamily


A comprehensive cover of love and sexuality from meeting and staying together, why little things mean a lot .. courtship, marriage and inlaws.  The lot!



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Strength of being is gained by this meridians therapy - its as good as Physical Body even without the biofeedback information and its so simple it only costs peanuts!  Worth its weight in gold.


However, women's rearranged reason is a must for its maximum effect, - and they are:


reasno  /  noreas  /  searno  /  nosear  /  easron  /  roneas  /  saenor  /  norsae  /  saeron  /  ronsae  /  earson  / arseon




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Inner space biofeedback can be very enlightening, - the after life is a continuum of this life until people are ready to find out where they are.  The Identity is not present in their body at death and this absence is governed by the continuum. 



In the very first place 'something' had to come from 'nothing' - we all came from nothing and have evolved.  No-one knows how, or when, and try to fathom it out but in every religion the question is, "Where did God come from?" 


And in Eden there were spans for the spirit, soul and body mates, - but a serpent sped things up and missed out soul mate, and sin took place.


Religions all have gen and are like trying to piece together a jigsaw puzzle. 




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Sort out horrible histories and don't let the past bother the present.



















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Casual, illicit, and

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